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Accuracy、High efficiency、Economy、Durability
PAI -FU located in Taichung City is a company specialized in making micro-computer quantitative machine. In quantitative machine industry, PAI -FU has been persisting in offering its service to their customers with more than 20 years experience of manufacture. For many years, PAI -FU are engaged in developing and manufacturing many types of auto-quantitative machine and whole plant equipment, and offering technological consultation, specially we supply the customers with the quality automatic quantitative packing machine in customization. We insist on creating business profits and strengthen competitiveness. We strictly demand to select the excellent material and have a good quality control of manufacturing procedure for the quantitative machines in order to assure that the quality of product be up to the international standard and provide the most economical, high efficient quantitative machine and the full plant equipment with production line, and achieve our 4 major goals-accuracy, high efficiency, economy and durability.

Our quantitative machines in various types and quantitative packing machines may be applied for the food quantifying and packing.

Application :
.foods, coffee, crackers, caandies, peanuts, melon seeds, legumes, sesames, powder balls, monosodium glutamate, salt, sugar, ice cube,powder feed and grain feed.

. Electronic parts, hardware (small hardware, screws, etc...), minerals, etc ...

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